For private individuals

We are committed consultants

who act as a point of contact for all your private tax and business affairs. We bring clarity and structure to your complex issues. We also offer the know-how you need to expand and secure your assets. We attach greater importance to long-term solutions than to tax-saving models that exert only a short-term effect.

Tax consultancy
Tax consultancy and tax declarations

We will prepare your private tax returns in a timely manner. As well as being a mandatory legal requirement, tax declarations can also help protect you against unplanned financial outlay. We will also check your tax notices and support you in any fiscal court proceedings.

Our regular services in the area of tax consultancy for private individuals include the following.

  • Preparation of income tax returns including all necessary annexes
    • Income from self-employment
    • Income from employment
    • Income from capital assets
    • Income from the letting and leasing of property
    • Other income, e.g. pensions, private capital gains from disposals
  • Preparation of VAT returns (where income from letting and leasing is subject to value added tax)
  • Guidance on tax breaks and on non-tax related funding opportunities such as the following
    • Allowances for the “Riester” pension scheme
    • Funding support for listed buildings
    • Subsidies for new housing
    • Funding for areas that are earmarked for redevelopment
  • Scrutiny of tax notices
  • Applications for amendment of tax notices
  • Instigation of actions at law
  • Representation in fiscal court proceedings
  • Property financing consultancy
  • Applications for income tax reductions
Gifts and inheritance

The transfer of assets should be consciously planned rather than being left to chance. This applies in equal measure to private assets and to company successions.

We can answer any questions you may have regarding the mitigation of inheritance tax. We can also advise you in circumstances where you are dealing with beneficiaries wishing to secure the minimum share of an estate to which they are entitled or with issues relating to settlement of an inheritance.

Our consultancy provision
  • Tax guidance in respect of drafting your will
  • Identification and evaluation of assets whilst taking due account of personal and family circumstances and company law
  • Simulation of financial needs
  • Simulation of succession concepts, including with regard to anticipated succession
  • Preparation of tax returns
    • Gift tax returns
    • Declarations for the ascertainment of market value
International consultancy

The world is becoming ever more interconnected. This means that tax affairs are increasingly the subject of cross-border circumstances. Special expertise is required in such situations because consideration needs to be accorded to different tax systems. Account must also be taken of provisions relating to double taxation.

We are specialist consultants in international tax law. Our many years of practical experience in this field enable us to offer you this very expertise. We are able to call upon a wide network of professional colleagues abroad, many of whom are German speaking. These are often the only sources who are able to provide definitive information on the tax regulations which apply in the countries where they are based.

Our spectrum of services encompasses the following.

  • Preparation of income tax returns for persons with full tax liability in circumstances where foreign regulations apply. Examples here include:
    • Employment income abroad or salary splitting
    • Application of regulations relating to cross-border workers
    • Foreign company investments
    • Offsetting of foreign taxes
    • Exemption with progression
  • Preparation of income tax returns for persons with limited tax liability, for example due to a property in Germany which is occupied
  • Assistance in determining income or assets that need to be declared abroad
  • Guidance on application of double taxation agreements
  • Consultancy on the Foreign Tax Act (avoidance of exit taxation in the event that capital investments are held, issues relating to controlled foreign corporation rules)
  • Support in international gift and inheritance matters, covering everything from initial guidance to the final declaration
  • Structured processing of complex facts and circumstances for further scrutiny by specialist lawyers, management and coordination of the information flow